THROWBACK THURSDAY: SK20 our Anniversary Issue

A year ago people were just receiving (or checking it out online) our Anniversary Issue which marked 20 years since we started this crazy journey of publishing women’s football magazines and generally doing anything we could/can to help support and promote the women’s game.

With the aid of some of our longest-serving, regular and reliable contributors: Catherine Etoe, Nat Sollohub, Claire Forrester, Gavin Ellis, Tony Leighton & Chris Brookes to name some of the main culprits, we set about putting together a publication to acknowledge the past 20 years of the women’s game in the UK (and sometimes further afield) and to recognise the fantastic players, personalities and teams that have helped forge the way for those that have followed.

Many of you will have got it or at least read it and we hope you treasure it too (‘cos it nearly killed us doing it), but if you haven’t yet had the pleasure you can check it out for FREE online HERE! 

Or click on this cover:

Here’s the opening ramble and some cool snaps (can you spot the interim England Head Coach & some other past stars of the England team and world game?) from the first five years of our ‘journey’. You can flip between the two pages & zoom in or out using the tools at the bottom of the first page:


Or check out these images instead:


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