BOOK PROMOTION: “The Cat that Became a Footballer and Spoke to God”

Something a bit different…

Initially written during the football world cups that took place in Germany, Japan, Korea and South Africa, “The Cat that Became a Footballer and Spoke to God” is a delightful and uplifting book that uses football as a magnifying lens for looking at humanity in its most important socio-cultural aspects.

Within its pages it tackles issues that negatively affect sport and society such as: racism, hooliganism and misogyny offering a wealth of gems of wisdom, amusing stories and sound common sense advice for people of all walks of life and even bits of poetry. Ultimately it’s a work for people of all reading ages interested in personal physical and spiritual growth as well as a useful guide for those involved in football or any other sport at professional, amateur or recreational level, or even for those who don’t really care much about football or sport. Among other aspects it also highlights environmental issues of vital importance for the survival of our beautiful but increasingly more fragile planet.

The KINDLE edition of the book is available HERE.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Piero La Franca came to the UK from his native Florence in his early twenties where he worked for many years in the hospitality industry eventually becoming a restaurants promoter. While working he studied fine arts, music Tai chi and Qigong, among other subjects, ending up by teaching arts and languages to three to six years old children and Tai chi to adults. He then created a method called ‘Reset’ that uses a variety of enjoyable artistic and psychological approaches to help people with physical and mental issues such as, with regard to the latter, depression and Alzheimer. In the late nineties he began writing and illustrating books of constructive social satire strongly focused in humanitarian and environmental issues.


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