Leah Embley ‘gutted’ season ended three games after joining Fylde

leah Embley with FA Award
Winning the 2018-19 FA WNL Division One Player of the Season award. (Photo: Jon Buckle for The FA)

We spoke with 24-year-old winger Leah Embley, an FA WNL Division 1 Player of the Season, who joined AFC Fylde Women earlier this year.

SK: Can you tell us a little of your footballing history and any personal high points?

LE: I won two league titles at Burnley FC Women and also won player of the division! They are both personal high points in my career.

SK: How had your team’s season been going before lockdown?

LE: I had only played three games for Fylde after joining from local rivals Huddersfield but things were starting to look up, I was enjoying training and playing again and felt in a really good form, so I was gutted it ended when it did but understand everyone’s safety comes first.

SK: How did you do against any local rivals in 2019-20?

LE: Hadn’t yet played them for Fylde, as I had only joined towards the end of the campaign but we were due to play local rivals and my old teams Huddersfield and Burnley, which I was really looking forward to. It would of been a really good test for us and a chance to prove what a good squad we had towards the end of the season and how hard we had worked for each other. Them two games were the ones I was really looking forward to the most.

Fylde players
Photo: Colin Lock

SK: What were your best and worst moments of the campaign?

LE: Best moments of the campaign – being Nottingham Forest early on in the season for Huddersfield 4-3 after being 3-1 down, also beating Derby 5-2 after coming from behind in that game. Really enjoyed the Sheffield FC game and scoring two goals really boosted my confidence. Worst moments – losing against Nottingham Forest for Fylde when we played really well and had chances to win the game.

SK: Any rising star, club veteran or stand-out personality we should hear about?

LE: I’ve  really looked up to Danielle Young, as she really supported and helped me in the short time I was at Fylde. She’s helped me a lot and having previously played for Man City and Everton, she is someone I can take lots of tips from,

SK: How are you trying to keep fit and fill the void in football?

LE: Plenty of running and pitch sessions – getting lots of speed work in and improving my endurance day by day.

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