Georgia Stanway Chats Tamagotchi Update & Missing Leah

Georgia Stanway - Lionesses Down Under

Today’s episode of Lionesses: Down Under connected by EE sees Jill Scott and Kyle Walker catch up with Georgia Stanway ahead of tomorrow’s semi-final against Australia.

On the excitement of playing in the semi-finals:

“What more do you want than playing in a semi-final at a World Cup? We’ve played so many minutes and we’re just so excited to get going.”

On facing Australia:

“We have a lot of respect for Australia. Individually they are very, very good and as a team you can see how far they’ve come in this tournament, it’s unbelievable. Even the fans, you can see how much they’ve grown the support from the country, and everyone is backing them now. We’re expecting noise, they will be a tough opponent, but we’re excited.”

On the game plan for the semi-finals:

“We just need to stick to our plan. We have so much belief in the way we play and we just need to stick to that. We need to be on it as individuals but also stay connected. If it’s your game, play your game. If it’s not your game, then can you make it someone else’s?”

On the team mentality:

“I think we’ve always had grit and resilience in us. And when you get to a tournament and the moments that matter, that’s when you find it. We’ve faced everything that we could possibly face during this tournament and over the last few months. And I think that just shows how together we are as a team, with the things that we’ve been through we’re still managing to get the results at the end.”

On being one of the squad’s more experienced players: 

“You have to mature. Although I’m still a younger player, I’ve been to a few major tournaments, so I’ve got to lead by example both of on and off the pitch. You’ve got to learn when to have fun but then also when to stay serious, to get that balance. I just try to lead by example and be that grit.”

On the quick turnaround in tournament football:

“You just want to get going. I feel like we’ve been on camp for ages but at the same time it’s gone so fast so the shorter the time between games, the better.”

On how much she’s enjoyed this World Cup:

“I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve seen more of my family here than I have in the past year. The fact that it’s gone so fast shows what a good time we’ve had. With other tournaments, occasionally time can drag and days between games can feel like forever, and when there’s no football on the TV you don’t know what to do with yourself. But with this one, the fact it’s gone so fast I think shows just how much we’ve enjoyed it.”

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