Barclays WSL & Championship Transfer Watch – Summer 2022

man city's spanish signings
Manchester City signings, Deyna Castellanos and Laia Aleixandria.

Keep track of all the 2022 summer transfer window moves involving Barclays WSL and Women’s Championship players.


Birmingham City have signed Wales international midfielder Charlie Estcourt from Coventry United.


Player – Old Club – New Club (alphabetical order)

A to M

Angela Addison – Tottenham Hotspur to Charlton Athletic
Laia Aleixandri – Athletico Madrid to Manchester City
Jonna Andersson – Chelsea to Hammarby
Anna Anvegård – Everton to BK Hacken
Lucy Ashworth-Clifford – Lewes to Celtic
Viviane Asseyi – Bayern Munich to West Ham United
Izzy Atkinson – Celtic to West Ham United
Sophie Barker -Leicester City to Sheffield United (on loan)
Jodie Bartle – Celtic to Coventry United
Janine Beckie – Manchester City to Portland Thorns
Aggie Beevor-Jones – Chelsea to Everton (on loan)
Fran Bentley – Manchester United to Bristol City (previously on loan)
Elysia Boddy – Leicester City to Bristol City
Tara Bourne – Manchester United to Birmingham City (on loan)
Ellie Brazil – Brighton & Hove Albion to Tottenham Hotspur
Lucy Bronze – Manchester City to Barcelona

Danielle Brown – Durham to Sunderland
Rachel Brown – Nottingham Forest to Sheffield United
Vicky Bruce – SC Sand to Bristol City
Kadeisha Buchanan – Lyon to Chelsea
Jackie Burns – BK Häcken to Reading
Diane Caldwell – Manchester United to Reading
Jelena Cankovic – Rosengard to Chelsea
Kerstin Casparij – FC Twente to Manchester City
Deyna Castellanos – Atletico Madrid to Manchester City
Olivia Clark – Coventry United to Bristol City
Jess Clarke – Sheffield United to Durham
Maéva Clemaron – Tottenham Hotspur to Servette
Grace Clinton – Everton to Manchester United
Libby Copus-Brown – Newcastle Olympic to Lewes
Hermoine Cull – Arsenal to London City Lionesses
Eartha Cumings – Charlton Athletic to Liverpool
Kenza Dali – Everton to Aston Villa
Rachel Daly – Houston Dash to Aston Villa
Bethan Davies – Huddersfield Town to Sheffield United
Esme de Graaf – Leicester City to Feyenoord
Charlie Devlin – Leicester City to Birmingham City (on loan)
Tyler Dodds – Glasgow City to Sunderland
Maria Edwards – Manchester United to SGS Essen
Claire Emslie – Everton to Angel City
Charlie Estcourt – Coventry United to Birmingham City
Lisa Evans – Arsenal to West Ham United (previously on loan)

Lisa Evans signs for West Ham
Lisa Evans of West Ham United. (Photo by Jacques Feeney/Getty Images)

Millie Farrow – London City Lionesses to NC Courage
Olivia Fergusson – Coventry United to Celtic
Gilly Flaherty – West Ham United to Liverpool
Maria Farrugia – Sunderland to Durham
Keira Flannery – Arsenal to West Ham United
Mary Fowler – Montpelier to Manchester City
Jorja Fox – Chelsea to Brighton & Hove Albion (loan)
Ivana Fuso – Manchester United to Bayer 04 Leverkusen (on loan)
Lucia Garcia – Athletic Bilbao to Manchester United
Valerie Gauvin – Everton to NC Courage
Nicki Gears – Durham to Sunderland
Sokhara Goodall – London Bees to London City Lionesses
Abbi Grant – Leicester City to Glasgow City (previously on loan)
Josie Green – Tottenham Hotspur to Leicester City
Mollie Green – Coventry United to Birmingham City
Jackie Groenen – Manchester United to Paris Saint Germain
Kirsty Hanson – Manchester United to Aston Villa (on loan)
Natasha Harding – Reading to Aston Villa
Martha Harris – Manchester United to Birmingham City
Sophie Harris – Leicester City to Southampton
Naomi Hartley – Coventry United to Sheffield United
Yui Hasegawa – West Ham United to Manchester City
Honoka Hayashi – AIK to West Ham United
Shania Hayles – Aston Villa to Bristol City
Sophie Haywood – Aston Villa to Sheffield United
Tobin Heath – Arsenal to OL Reign
Eleanor Heeps – Tottenham Hotspur to Coventry United (on loan)
Brooke Hendrix – Melbourne Victory to Reading
Alex Hennessy – Arsenal to West Ham United
Corinne Henson – Watford to Charlton Athletic
Lois Heuchan – Charlton Athletic to London City Lionesses
Kathryn Hill – Durham to Rangers
Sophie Hillyerd – Charlton Athletic to West Ham United
Ashley Hodson – Liverpool to Birmingham City (on loan)
Abby Holmes – Durham to Sunderland
Karen Holmgaard – Turbine Potsdam to Everton
Sara Holmgaard – Turbine Potsdam to Everton
Halle Houssein – Arsenal to West Ham United (previously dual-registered)
Lina Hurtig – Juventus to Arsenal
Jodie Hutton – Aston Villa to Bristol City
Celin Bizet Ildhusøy – Paris Saint-Germain to Tottenham Hotspur
Angharad James – Orlando Pride to Tottenham Hotspur
Becky Jane – Charlton Athletic to Reading
Ji So-yun – Chelsea to Suwon
Lois Joel – West Ham United to London City Lionesses
Nat Johnson – Coventry United to Lewes
Carrie Jones – Manchester United to Leicester City (on loan)
Ellen Jones – Colorado Buffaloes to Leicester City
Inessa Kaagman – Brighton & Hove Albion to PSV Eindhoven
Johanna Rytting Kaneyrd – BK Hacken to Chelsea
Nikola Karczewska – FC Fleury 91 to Tottenham Hotspur
Danique Kerkdijk – Brighton & Hove Albion to FC Twente
Emma Koivisto – Brighton & Hove Albion to Liverpool

Emily Kraft – FFC Frankfurt to Lewes
Ava Kuyken – Bristol City to Hibernian
Thea Kyvåg – LSK Kvinner to West Ham United
Poppy Lawson – Manchester United to Hibernian
Anna Leat – West Ham United to Aston Villa
Adriana Leon – West Ham United to Manchester United
Maya Le Tissier – Brighton & Hove Albion to Manchester United
Leila Lister – Reading to Colorado Buffs
Kim Little – Arsenal to OL Reign (summer loan)
Josie Longhurst – Brighton & Hove Albion to Lewes (previously on loan)
Beth Lumsden – Oxford United to Southampton
Sandy MacIver- Everton to Manchester City
Tegan McGowan – Chelsea to Charlton Athletic
Simone Magill – Everton to Aston Villa
Kaylan Marckese – HB Koge to Arsenal
Cara Milne-Redhead – Seton Hall Pirates to Coventry United
Meikayla Moore – Liverpool to Glasgow City
Esther Morgan – Tottenham Hotspur to Coventry United (on loan)
Chloe Mustaki – Shelbourne to Bristol City

N to Z

Chelsea's new signing, Eve Perisset
Eve Perisset joins Chelsea from Bordeaux. (Peter Sonander/Sports Press Photo)

Sophie O’Rourke – Lewes to Charlton Athletic
Leila Ouahabi – Barcelona to Manchester City
Jess Park – Manchester City to Everton (on loan)
Nikita Parris – Arsenal to Manchester United
Lucy Parry – Liverpool to Hibernian (on loan)
Anna Patten – Aston Villa to Arsenal (previously on loan)
Ève Perisset – Bordeaux to Chelsea
Ramona Petzelberger – Aston Villa to Tottenham Hotspur
Gio Quieroz – Barcelona to Arsenal (loaned to Everton)
Emily Ramsey – Manchester United to Everton (on loan)
Grace Riglar – Coventry United to Sheffield United
Georgia Robert – Sheffield United to Durham
Sian Rogers – Aston Villa to Charlton Athletic (on loan)
Katie Rood – Southampton to Hearts
Cecilía Rán Rúnarsdóttir – Everton to Bayern Munich (previously on loan)
Veatriki Sarri – Birmingham City to Brighton & Hove Albion
Tatiana Saunders – Lewes to Durham
Lucy Shepherd – Washington Spirit to London City Lionesses
Erin Simon – Racing Louisville to Leicester City
Kirsty Smith – Manchester United to West Ham United
Lexi Lloyd-Smith – University of South Alabama to Southampton
Katja Snoeijs – Bordeaux to Everton
Karna Solskjaer – Manchester United to AaFK Fortuna
Simone Boye Sørensen- Arsenal to Hammarby
Drew Spence – Chelsea to Tottenham Hotspur

Georgia Stanway – Manchester City to Bayern Munich
Elise Stenevik – Eskilstuna United to Everton
Fran Stenson – Arsenal to Birmingham City (on loan)
Amber-Keegan Stobbs – Watford to Lewes
Rebekah Stott – Bulleen Lions to Brighton & Hove Albion
Kateřina Svitková – West Ham United to Chelsea
Emily Syme – Aston Villa to Bristol City
Jiali Tang – Tottenham Hotspur to Shanghai Shengli
Elisabeth Terland – SK Brann to Brighton & Hove Albion
Emma Thompson – Chelsea to Lewes (on loan)
Georgia Timms – Lewes to Hearts
Aissatou Tounkara – Atletico de Madrid to Manchester United
Amy Turner – Orlando Pride to Tottenham Hotspur
Danielle Turner – Everton to Aston Villa
Demi Vance – Rangers to Leicester City
Shanice van de Sanden – Wolfsburg to Liverpool
Katrine Veje – Rosengard to Everton
Lauren Wade – Glentoran to Reading
Keira Walsh – Manchester City to Barcelona
Ashleigh Ward – Actonians to Southampton
Charlotte Wardlaw – Chelsea to Liverpool (on loan)
Lucy Watson – Sheffield United to Chelsea (loaned out to Charlton Athletic)
Caroline Weir – Manchester City to Real Madrid
Charlie Wellings – Celtic to Reading
Brianna Westrup – Rangers to Sunderland
Clare Wheeler – Fortuna Hjørring to Everton (on loan)
Aileen Whelan – Brighton & Hove Albion to Leicester City
Emily Whelan – Birmingham City to Glasgow City
Sophie Whitehouse – Bristol City to Lewes
Katie Wilkinson – Coventry United to Southampton
Rachel Williams – Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester United
Siobhan Wilson – Crystal Palace to Birmingham City
Zaneta Wyne – West Ham United to Racing Louisville
Megan Wynne – Charlton Athletic to Southampton
Yeeun Park – Gyeongju KHNP to Brighton & Hove Albion
Jess Ziu – Shelbourne to West Ham United

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