Aston Villa Ladies add four new signings


Aston Villa announced the signing of four new players to their FA Women’s Championship squad on Wednesday.

New Head Coach Gemma Davies introduced her first acquisitions since her June appointment on the club’s website:

“I’ve worked with Alison [Hall] for the last four years now at the University of Birmingham when she was a player there and during her time at Coventry United. She’s a very raw player but she has huge amounts of potential and I’m very excited to continue that journey with her at Aston Villa. I think we’ll see some big things from her in the future.

“Sophie [Haywood] has come from America, where she was on a four-year scholarship. She’s a playmaker, very good at bringing players into the game and has a natural ability to finish. She’s certainly someone to watch as she starts growing and getting used to English football again.

“Corinne Mitchell, one of our coaches, brought Nadine [Hanssen] in (from KRC Genk). Nadine is exceptionally exciting, she’s a terrific talent. She’s not especially well known in England but I’m sure she will be after this season. She brings a lot to the game, she’s incredibly dynamic and she has a bit of spice about her that we don’t often see.

“We’ve signed Hollie [Gibson] from Stoke – she’s just a kid still. She’s graduated from the Stoke Regional Talent Club. She’s a natural left-footer and someone with a lot of potential.”