YOUNG PLAYER BLOG: Ella Rowell on dreams, goals & RTC life

My name is Ella Rowell I’m 12 years old and I play for York city Tier 1 RTC. I am really excited about writing this column. She Kicks is my favourite magazine and I am looking forward to telling you all about my football life! But for now I am going to let you know all about me, my family and how I got into playing the best sport in the world…..girls’ football!

I live in Harrogate with my mum, dad, two younger brothers and dog, I go to Harrogate Grammar School and I play football everyday! I have been playing for York RTC  for 1 year now, but I have been playing football since I was 6. I support Sunderland Ladies and love to watch them play. My first team was Scotton Scorchers and they were amazing!

This time last year I was anxiously awaiting the start of another year of RTC football trials. The trials of 2017 were my fourth attempt to be selected for a RTC, for the previous four years I had been turned down after each attempt. The hardest time was two years ago when I was asked to leave a Leeds United trial after the first session, as I walked off the pitch I could hardly hold back the tears I had wanted it so much. I remember the drive home from that trial with my dad and kicking a football in our yard wondering if it was time to give up.

When I sat down with my mum and dad we decided to have one last attempt in 2017, I was not going to give up and to give me the best chance I decided I needed to play a lot more football. So I signed up for any session I could and when I turned up to the 2017 York trials I knew I could not have done any more preparation. If the 2017 trials hadn’t  gone my way I knew I would have done my absolute best and I would have settled for playing for my club team. When I was offered a contract I could not have been happier and playing for York RTC has been amazing.

Although I love football I think it’s important to do other sports as well so I take every opportunity I get to play sports. I am on a hockey team, squash team, cross country and athletics team. I play on lots of teams for school and have even tried rugby and table tennis this year.

So for all of you who are doing trials this year I hope it goes your way and if it doesn’t don’t give up. And remember if you love playing football it doesn’t matter really where you play as long as you carry on playing and enjoying what you do.

For me, as I face a summer football break I can’t wait for my under 14 season to start. I have decided I need to keep fit over the summer so I am ready and in my next column i will let you know how I am going to do it.

But for now, remember life is best when you have a football at your feet!

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  1. Well done Ella Congratulations, very proud of you.
    I love your Positivity and true grit to get up when you get kicked down and to never give up.
    You make a great role model for not just others like you but for adults too.
    You should always give it your best what ever you are doing and don’t one set back from achieving your dreams. Go get them. look forward to updates on training and games. #thisgirlcan

  2. Congratulations to my niece, we are very proud of you. and such an excellent report writing. You are an inspiration to young people and to adults with your grit and determination. Your attitude to get up and give it your all when you are kicked down is to be admired. Look forward to more updates on training and games.

  3. Hi Ella, well done for your achievement. I am 10 years old and been playing for an RTC for 2 years and before this in the Centre of Excellence for 1 year. I’ve never had anytime off to go on holiday, never missed training or a match, but without any warnings, I wasn’t picked for my U12 side this time, which got me down for a short while. I had been doing so well and got really really good grades in my reviews, one of the highest in the team. So I will be joining a local boys side again, like before the RTC and am looking at another team as well so I can play on both a Saturday and a Sunday. I also do Futsal practice in the week and play matches in the week too. I also play at school in the girls and boys football teams. I will be definitely trialing again next year.Good luck for next season!

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