#UWCL: Gunners grouped with holders

The UWCL trophy
Photo: UEFA via Imago

Arsenal will meet Barcelona and Chelsea face Wolfsburg among their UEFA Women’s Champions League Group Stage opponents.

Group A: Chelsea, Wolfsburg, Juventus, Servette

Group B: Paris Saint-Germain, Breidablik, Real Madrid, Kharkiv

Group C: Barcelona, Arsenal, Hoffenheim, HB Køge

Group D: Bayern Munich, Lyon, Häcken, Benfica

Each side will play their group opponents home and away, with the top two from each pool qualifying for the quarter-finals. The draw for the rest of the competition will be on 20 December; the knockout games begin in March.

Group stage calendar

All kick-off times CET

Matchday 1

Tuesday 5 October
Group C: Hoffenheim vs HB Køge (18:45), Barcelona vs Arsenal (21:00)
Group D
: Häcken vs Lyon (18:45), Benfica vs Bayern München (21:00)

Wednesday 6 October
Group A: Servette vs Juventus (18:45), Chelsea vs Wolfsburg (21:00)
Group B: WFC Kharkiv vs Real Madrid (18:45), Breidablik vs Paris Saint-Germain (21:00)

Matchday 2

Wednesday 13 October
Group A: Wolfsburg vs Servette (18:45), Juventus vs Chelsea (21:00)
Group B: Paris Saint-Germain vs WFC Kharkiv (18:45), Real Madrid vs Breidablik (21:00)

Thursday 14 October
Group C: HB Køge vs Barcelona (18:45), Arsenal vs Hoffenheim (21:00)
Group D
: Bayern München vs Häcken (18:45), Lyon vs Benfica (21:00)

Matchday 3

Tuesday 9 November
Group A: Servette vs Chelsea (18:45), Juventus vs Wolfsburg (21:00)
Group B
: WFC Kharkiv vs Breidablik (18:45), Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid (21:00)

Wednesday 10 November
Group C: Barcelona vs Hoffenheim (18:45), HB Køge vs Arsenal (18:45)
Group D
: Benfica vs Häcken (21:00), Lyon vs Bayern München (21:00)

Matchday 4

Wednesday 17 November
Group C: Hoffenheim vs Barcelona (18:45), Arsenal vs HB Køge (21:00)
Group D: Häcken vs Benfica (18:45), Bayern München vs Lyon (21:00)

Thursday 18 November
Group A: Wolfsburg vs Juventus (18:45), Chelsea vs Servette (21:00)
Group B: Breidablik vs WFC Kharkiv (18:45), Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-Germain (21:00)

Matchday 5

Wednesday 8 December
Group A: Servette vs Wolfsburg (18:45), Chelsea vs Juventus (21:00)
Group B
: WFC Kharkiv vs Paris Saint-Germain (18:45), Breidablik vs Real Madrid (21:00)

Thursday 9 December
Group C: Arsenal vs Barcelona (21:00), HB Køge vs Hoffenheim (21:00)
Group D
: Benfica vs Lyon (18:45), Häcken vs Bayern München (18:45)

Matchday 6

Wednesday 15 December
Group C: Barcelona vs HB Køge (21:00), Hoffenheim vs Arsenal (21:00)
Group D: Bayern München vs Benfica (18:45), Lyon vs Häcken (18:45)

Thursday 16 December
Group A: Juventus vs Servette (21:00), Wolfsburg vs Chelsea (21:00)
Group B
: Real Madrid vs WFC Kharkiv (18:45), Paris Saint-Germain vs Breidablik (18:45)

All games from the group stage onwards are available live and free on DAZN’s YouTube channel.

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