Flyeralarm Women’s Bundesliga set to resume on 29 May

Flayeralarm Women's Bundesliga could resume on 29 May.
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The 2019/20 season in the Flyeralarm Women’s Bundesliga is now set to resume on 29 May, subject to the relevant official regulations.

The German FA yesterday agreed to the latest adjustment of the 2019/20 season following the recommendation of the DFB Committee for Women’s and Girls’ Football and the DFB Committee for Women’s National Leagues.

Guidelines for games will include strict hygiene requirements, close testing and continuous monitoring.

The association’s Vice President, Hannelore Ratzeburg, told “I am very pleased that the clubs have expressed great support for the continuation of the season in the Flyeralarm Women’s Bundesliga and in the DFB Cup competition. ”

The league would continue on 29 May, the season finale is scheduled for 28 June. There are still six match days to complete, plus two catch-up games.

In the DFB Cup, the quarter-finals will be on 3 June. the semis could take place on 10 & 11 June and the final in Cologne on 4 July.

The Bundesliga Women’s second division and youth section had already voted in favour of ending the season.

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