FA Confirms Decision On Club Licence Applications

The FA has today announced the clubs which will participate in The FA Women’s Super League [Tier 1] and The FA Women’s Championship [Tier 2] for the 2018/19 season.

Here is the press release making known the final decision of the The FA Women’s Football Board (window for appeal is open for 14 days):

 The decision in respect of which clubs were successful was made by The FA Women’s Football Board, following a detailed review and assessment of all 15 applications which were received and the outcome of Sunday’s FA Women’s Premier League Championship Play Off Final.

As part of the application processes, all clubs are required to sign a licence with The FA and the offers from The FA Women’s Football Board remain conditional until it is received. Decisions are subject to appeal, to be made within 14 days of clubs receiving the decision in writing.

Subject to the above, the 11 clubs which will form The FA Women’s Super League for the 2018/2019 season are:

  • Arsenal
  • Birmingham City Ladies
  • Brighton & Hove Albion Women
  • Bristol City Women
  • Chelsea FC Women
  • Everton Ladies FC
  • Liverpool Ladies FC
  • Manchester City Women
  • Reading FC Women
  • Yeovil Town Ladies
  • West Ham United Ladies*

Subject to the above, the 12 clubs which will form The FA Women’s Championship for the 2018/2019 season are:

  • Aston Villa Ladies FC
  • Doncaster Rovers Belles
  • Durham Women FC
  • London Bees
  • Millwall Lionesses
  • Sheffield FC Ladies
  • Tottenham Hotspur Ladies
  • Charlton Athletic Women**
  • Leicester City Women*
  • Lewes FC Women*
  • Manchester United Women*
  • Sheffield United Ladies*

*Approved within the open application phase

**Winners of Sunday’s FA Women’s Premier League Championship Play Off

Baroness Sue Campbell, The FA’s Head of Women’s Football said: “Today’s announcement is the result of two years of planning and a milestone within our delivery of The Gameplan for Growth strategy. The revised competition structure will positively impact on the delivery of the women’s game across all levels, both on and off the pitch.

“Such is the strength of women’s football in this country, there have been some difficult decisions to make but they’ve been made with the sport’s best interests at heart.  This is a hugely exciting time for the game and I am hopeful that we will look back upon this as one of the most significant decisions made in its history.”

The 2018/19 season begins on the weekend of the 18 & 19 August with the opening round of group fixtures of The Continental League Cup. The FA Women’s Super League and The FA Women’s Championship league fixtures commence on the weekend of the 8 & 9 September.

Visit theFA.com for an interview with Katie Brazier [Head of Women’s Leagues and Competitions].

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  1. How very convenient that Casey Stoner relinquishes her England role for Man Utd coach job way before FA announce Tier structure. Seems very simple what would she have done if the had been differed. Pack it in and go back England . To me being cynical I think something untoward.

    • Man U ran the recruitment process on the basis that they will appoint whoever if they get the licence. Neither Casey nor Man U have said anything about the appointment, it’s just press speculation. People apply for jobs while they’re employed. Don’t mean they’ve resigned from their current job assuming they will get whatever they applied for.

      Though, given their fully pro bid, and how the FA have wanted a MU women team, no one is actually suprised that they got a spot.

  2. Seems Les REED at Southampton FC women has miscalculated again. Did Saints have any intention of pushing to enter WSL2 Championship? The 16-21 team can only enter SW Premier if lucky with other two Southampton teams and maybe win in 2018/19 to get into South league for 2019/20. All providing they win league.
    What did they not do to get licence?

  3. My biggest concern is attendances. Apart from three clubs most attendances have been very poor in both One and Two. Clubs cannot sustain a fully professional organisation with such poor attendances. The change to a winter schedule has also blown up in the FA’s face but they have ignored it. Now we have just 11 teams in the top flight. So every week a club has to pay wages yet not play a game. I cannot think of a more disastrous decision. It is quite clear that the FA will accept any club that puts the cash on the table, forget the rest. I can only assume this will happen again next season.

    Will someone post on here the average attendance of each Tier One and Tier team from last season.

  4. Was not only Man Utd wanted licence… I expect MU to get 5points per win 3 for a draw and a penalty in 89 minute every game to ensure they get to WSL 1.
    West Ham also benefit from financial position.

    How nice Lewes FC got in. Southampton FC lack ambition. Overall still an improvement on many previous years. Lets hope England progress to raise game interest.

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