‘Aiming to move up the leagues with Sherborne Town’ – Darcey Mann

Sherborne Town

We spoke with Sherborne Town’s 18-year-old left back, Darcey Mann, whose side had been leading the South West Women’s League Division 1 East when the season was abruptly halted.

SK: Can you tell us a little of your footballing history and any personal high points?

DM: I’ve been playing football since I was 4 years old. Being the youngest sibling I always followed my sister and adopted her passions, one of which was football. Since then I cannot get enough of the game. One of my personal highlights throughout my career has got to be last year’s [Dorset] County Cup Semi final. We beat Poole Town (at the time three leagues above) 4-2 to secure a place in the final. The pride I felt to play alongside my teammates and to represent a club I love will stay with me forever.

Darcey Mann

SK: How has your team’s season been going and have you been happy with the campaign so far?

DM: Our team got off to a flying start this season, topping the league on goal difference before the season was ended due to the virus. With the leaders and talent we have currently in the group, I know that we will be able to keep this momentum high and take that into next season.

SK: Any rising stars, club veterans and/or stand-out personalities that our readers should know about?

DM: I definitely think one of our forwards, Elisha Jacks, is a big rising star. She has an outstanding work ethic and her natural skill that she brings to the game is a pleasure to watch and play along side of – I know she has a very successful footballing career ahead of her. Katie Poole is definitely a standout personality, she constantly has high spirits and never ever fails to make me laugh, or put a smile on my face at the least. She is a dream teammate to have, as I know she will work hard and do a brilliant job at dominating the central midfield.

Sherborne Town match action

SK: What are your hopes for the team and/or personal aims once you can resume playing?

DM: I am hoping that we will push to get promoted, as a few of our results on match days have definitely not been a true reflection of our hard work, determination and talent we possess so far this season. I am aiming to move up the leagues with Sherborne, developing my own footballing ability each step of the way.

SK Any football-related things you will be doing to help fill the void?

DM: I’ve recently seen a few footballers complete the loo-roll challenge. I think I will probably amuse myself by seeing how many keep-ups of those I can do. Other than that, keeping fit and dreaming of playing football will have to do.

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