#WPWL: Full revised fixture list announced starting 7 March

Welsh Premier Women's league action resumes
Photo: Will Cheshire

Following last week’s announcement that the Orchard Welsh Premier Women’s League could resume, a revised fixture programme has now been confirmed.

The competition will resume with Aberystwyth facing Briton Ferry Llansawel on 7 March and is scheduled to conclude on 23 May, with Cardiff Met traveling to Aberystwyth, Cascade hosting Cyncoed, Abergavenny taking on Port Talbot and Cardiff City FC away to Swansea City.

Midweek games have been arranged to support the timetable and 30 May has also been reserved for postponements that cannot be played in the current calendar.


Sun 7 March – Aberystwyth v Briton Ferry Llansawel

Sun 14 March – Briton Ferry Llansawel v Cardiff Met, Cardiff City v Abergavenny, Cascade v Port Talbot, Swansea v Aberystwyth

Sun 21 March – Abergavenny v Aberystwyth, Cascade v Swansea, Cyncoed v Briton Ferry Llansawel, Port Talbot v Cardiff City

Tues 23 March – Cyncoed v Abergavenny

Thurs 25 March – Briton Ferry Llansawel v Port Talbot, Cardiff City v Cardiff Met

Sun 28 March – Aberystwyth v Port Talbot, Cardiff Met v Abergavenny, Cascade v Cardiff City, Swansea v Cyncoed

Sun 4 April – Abergavenny v Swansea, Cardiff City v Cyncoed, Cardiff Met Aberystwyth, Port Talbot v Briton Ferry Llansawel

Weds 7 April – Abergavenny v Cardiff City

Thurs 8 April – Briton Ferry Llansawel v Swansea

Sun 11 April – Abergavenny v Briton Ferry Llansawel, Aberystwyth v Cyncoed, Cascade v Cardiff Met, Port Talbot v Swansea

Sun 18 April – Aberystwyth v Cardiff City, Cardiff Met v Cyncoed, Cascade v Briton Ferry Llansawel, Port Talbot v Abergavenny

Sun 21 April – Cardiff City v Cascade, Cardiff Met v Swansea

Thurs 25 April – Abergavenny v Cardiff Met, Briton Ferry Llansawel v Aberystwyth, Cyncoed v Swansea, Port Talbot v Cascade

Sun 2 May – Aberystwyth v Abergavenny, Briton Ferry Llansawel v Cyncoed, Cardiff City v Port Talbot, Swansea v Cascade

Tues 4 May – Cyncoed v Cardiff City

Thurs 6 May – Cardiff Met v Port Talbot

Sun 9 May – Cardiff City v Briton Ferry Llansawel, Cascade v Aberystwyth, Swansea v Abergavenny

Sun 16 May – Aberystwyth v Swansea, Cardiff Met v Briton Ferry Llansawel, Cascade v Abergavenny, Port Talbot v Cyncoed

Sun 23 May – Abergavenny v Port Talbot, Aberystwyth v Cardiff Met, Cascade v Cyncoed, Swansea v Cardiff City

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