Captain Jade Packer introduces us to her Plymouth Phoenix U-13 side, a new girls-only club that attempts to ‘mash up’ the opposition with it’s potato method!

What is your team name? Plymouth Phoenix

Do you play 5, 6, 7 or 11 aside? 9 aside

Does the team-have a nickname, if so, what is it? Phoenix

What colours do you play in? Blue & White

What is your teacher’s / coach’s name? Ian Nichols, John Orchard and Richard Packer

Do they have funny sayings or things they say a lot? Potato method

What are the names of the girls on the team? Kyanna, Mia, Izzy, Amelia, Dominique, Ellie, Maddie, Emily, Phoebe, Maddie, Ella, Amy, Holly, Teleri and ME

Are there any ‘stars’ shoulds we know about and why? We are all stars as we all have different roles and 1 person doesn’t make a team (that’s us told then!)

Do you have a team song that you sing or that a lot of your team like? No

When do you train / practice and when do you play your games? We train on Thursday evening and play on Sunday mornings

What league / cup do you play in and do you have to travel far for your games? We play in the Devon League and our furthest team we play against is 60 miles away

Who is the LOUDEST on the team? Me

Have you been to watch any senior women’s league, cup or international matches? If so, which and when? No. I watch the women’s football on TV

Who are the team’s favourite players and why? Cristiano Ronaldo. Can score with both feet and head. Team player. Really nice to his fans. (And cute)

Why should readers check out news / results for your team? Maybe to check out our progress because we are a new girls-only football club

Have you got a website? www.teamstats.net/u13girls-77191/ but we have bought our own domain and will be building a new site

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