VOX POP: What brought you to the game today?

The Arnold Clark Cup presented some terrific football from four of the world’s top women’s sides, though some felt the numbers attending were a little disappointing considering the standard of action on the field. That doesn’t mean that many dedicated fans did not show up and they certainly enjoyed the occasion.

We set some Uni of Derby Footy Journalism students, including first-year Cayden Sands the task of finding out what had brought them to the games at Molineux on Wednesday and a few other tidbits too.

Here’s who he spoke to after the SPAIN v CANADA match (2.30pm KO)…

Cayden: So what brought you to this game today?

Mother of family: We’re a Spanish family so we’ve come to support our nation! My husband is Spanish, my daughter is half-Spanish, so we’ve come to support our country, that’s why.

Cayden: And obviously a big win for your country, are you happy with it? Do you think it was a good performance?

Mother of family: It was a fantastic performance, we’d have preferred more goals but a win’s a win!

Spain’s players celebrate after Alexia Putellas scores what turned out to be the only goal during their Arnold Clark Cup win v Canada, at Molineux Stadium. (Karl Newton/Sports Press Photo)

Cayden with a Canadian fan (student who had travelled down from Leeds):

📹 WATCH: Vox Pop Spain v Canada 1

CS: So what brought you to this game today?

Student: I just wanted to come see the best football team in the world, the Canadian Women’s football team! I go to school at Leeds Beckett so it wasn’t far to travel down and I’m glad I got the opportunity to see them.

CS: Obviously a disappointing result for your country, do you still think it was a good performance and do you think there’s stuff to be learnt from that?

Student: Yeah they played really hard. I’m no football expert but they gave their best effort. Football’s that game where you get four of the best teams in the world at one tournament and Spain were the team that won today, so it happens.

Cayden with Jordyn Huitema’s dad:

📹 WATCH: Vox Pop 2 Spain v Canada

CS: So what brought you to this game today?

Dad: Well luckily enough my daughter Jordyn Huitema plays for the women’s national team for Canada, so that’s why we came today!

CS: Well that’s fantastic stuff! Obviously not the result the girls would have wanted, do you still think it was a good performance and that things can be learned from it going forward?

Dad: Of course! I think they learn from every game that they play and y’know it was a training tournament as well. So yes they won’t be happy with the result, but at the end of the day I think it was still a good game.

And check out these cool England fans (with Joshua Fletcher) before and after the Germany win and lifting the Arnold Clark Cup!

📹 WATCH: Vox pop 1 – 23.02.22

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