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Costs less and you get more! Subscribing is by far the most simple, most cost-effective and frankly the coolest way to ensure you get every issue of (one of your) favourite women’s footie publications. It’s £25 and for this you get a 6 issue subscription to the She Kicks bi-monthly magazine (published every 2  months).

From the dropdown list, select the issue you would like to start your subscription from. If you are an existing subscriber who is renewing your subscription, you can select My next Renewal Issue and we will update your subscription details for you.

We can arrange team subscriptions too. Just get in touch and/or if you wish to order more than one copy to the same address please email shop@shekicks.net or call 0191 442 4006 to get the cheapest deal. Contact shop@shekicks.net if you’re having any difficulty.

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Issue #78(Apr 2023), Issue #79(Jun 2023), Issue #81(OCT 2023), My Next Renewal Issue