The FA’s Letter Explaining England Coach Appointment Process

FA CEO Martin Glenn's response to Kick It Out

So, the day began with Kick It Out posting a pretty strong message to The FA, raising concerns over the appointment of new England manager Phil Neville and also some of the now ‘infamous’ tweets.

Late in the afternoon, The FA’s Chief Exec Martin Glenn responded to Kick It Out CEO Roisin Wood with the following letter outlining the processes and developments in the appointment of Neville to the Head Coach role:

Glenn’s well-meaning letter has sparked some interesting reactions and deductions on social media but didn’t quite cover all areas:

It seems that The FA expect the disquiet to settle soon – Neville will face no formal charges for his historic tweets – and following a press conference (probably early next week) to properly introduce him and to allow some questions to be asked and answered, then he will simply get on with the job (and we will willingly support him and the team on that journey).

But it does feel like there are still some areas that require further explanation if this is to become the transparent process and The FA accountable for their decision-making. This a story that just seems to keep on serving up extras, so watch this space…

Oh, here we go. Exhibit A (just in):

(Remember when the women’s game wasn’t being picked over repeatedly by the national press? When the football was the focus. We miss those days…hopefully more aren’t too far away in the future.)

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  1. Give me one good reason why anyone should go for a high profile job. It seems the modern trend is to dig, dig and dig deeper to find something to discredit someone. How many of those critics are hiding something in their past. How many of us have said or done in the past we now regret. It is like telling a politician he is a traitor for changing his views. Sampson lost his job for something he did before becoming England manager. Yet he got England up to third in the world, The object of the exercise is t find the most suitable candidate for the job. He has vast knowledge within the game. He has all the ability to push England higher up the rankings. Who says a woman or man is better, The proof will come in results. And yes the female game is different than the men’s game and women have different needs than men but at the end if the day it is eleven players chasing a synthetic ball around a pitch.

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