A FAN’S VIEW: Read a Millwall Lionesses supporter’s reaction to the new-look top tiers

As ever, there are differing views and perspectives to developments in the women’s game. So we are inviting fans to step up and share their reaction to Monday’s announcement by The FA, revealing which clubs had been successful in their bids to be accepted into the new look WSL & Championship for the 2018/19 season.

Here’s how our first super fan, Lionesses’ supporter Harry Cooper feels:

To by caught in the storm once is bad… to be caught in it multiple times is worse. That’s just what it felt like at times watching Millwall Lionesses do so well on the pitch yet be let down by off the field incidents.

Millwall lionesses: The 2017/18 season saw them doing so well on the pitch but not so well off the field.

The restructure was announced early on in the season, the opening week in fact, it seemed that The FA had decided to reward the teams that had more financial stability over teams who worked for each other and deserved to be given a go at top flight football.

The restructure would mean that for Millwall the only way they could play in the top flight would be to dig for treasure and hope they strike lucky with the funds that would be needed.

Despite such a good season on the pitch, off-field incidents made the end of the season not as party like as it should of ended. With the club going into admin not only was our Tier 2 application at risk but also not being to finish the season just gone was a possibility.

The players however stuck together and helped create a rather emotional ended to what has been one long rollercoaster.

After The FA announced on Monday the final teams joining the top two tiers and what teams would be in which tier there was a mixture of disappointment and joy all around. Teams like Charlton, Leicester and Sheffield United who were accepted but also Lewes who are the only club to pay their women and men equally, deservedly in the second tier and I hope they do well.

Despite all the joy, Sunderland were to find out that they would go from the top tier to potentially the 3rd tier of women’s football. While I’m unsure of why I can only assume that yet again this was based on the men’s side not willing to sufficiently support their women’s team.

The FA have promised that this restructure will improve the women’s game but for the young footballers out there trying to make it, how can you be motivated if every season the FA decide to restructure and fiddle with the leagues causing teams to jump divisions and drop divisions just based on money.

While working at the Millwall Supporters Club we’ve tried to help out with Millwall as much as possible in terms of exposure. They are a great bunch down at St.Paul’s and deserve to be playing in what should be a competitive second tier.

However with the restructure, West Ham have jumped from Tier 3 to 1 and will need to have a squad change over to be able to compete at that level next season. Where do they get these players from? Millwall, Watford, London Bees, Spurs. All these London clubs that remained of dropped a division will be picked off now and potentially destroy a few of these clubs by losing their key players.

This coming season will go a long way in determining whether this move was right by The FA. I sincerely hope so and I hope this improves the women’s game altogether. While disappointing times for some it’s important that each team now turns to next season and starts planning for what can hopefully be the start of a new era.

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  1. this restructuring pays no regard for actual football it is a total financial based restructure. A few seasons ago a mediocre Manchester City were in the premier legue playbf the likes of Watford, Leeds United etc they had a promise of money and finished playing the next season in the top league, whilst Doncastwer were sent the other way. The whole restructuring is as expected a corrupt FA effort.

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