Ellie Roebuck Chats Zelem’s Tours and Toxic Tuesdays

Lionesses' Ellie Roebuck

In today’s episode of Lionesses: Down Under connected by EE, Jill Scott and Kyle Walker were joined by Ellie Roebuck to discuss life in camp and the upcoming match against Denmark. 


On life in camp:

“I’m loving it to be honest. I’ve really fallen in love with Australia, the beaches, the weather – it suits me perfectly. I think it’s important when you’re on a camp away from home to find a routine and things that work for you. It’s good to have time to switch off because you’re here for so long.”

On her love of Australia:

“It’s been fun bringing the camera with me. We make memories on the pitch but it’s also nice to capture them off the pitch too. My favourite place on earth has to be Sunshine Coast. It’s beautiful, I can picture myself walking down the beach with the dog to the coffee shop.”

On match preparations:

“Training’s been really fun, I’ve loved every minute so far. The girls got time to recover after the last game which is always nice. The first training session on the Sunshine Coast was amazing, we had such a good turnout. There were so many fans watching and it was just a good atmosphere.”

On Denmark’s team:

“Their DNA is quite similar to what we have faced in the past, we have to be wary of the key players. Pernille Harder is a good player to watch out for. I think it’s just being mindful of that and not being too distracted from how good we are, and make sure we really impose ourselves on them.”

On team morale:

“This squad is really special to me. It’s just constant good vibes, great team morale and to now be away at a World Cup is unreal. I’ve just been having so much fun. Training’s been great fun and really competitive which is how we like it.

On the support of fans back home:

“It’s so nice. Playing at home in the EUROs we really felt the support so much because it was present. That was a dream. And now, even though we are a million miles away, we still really feel it and I think that’s so important. All us girls really appreciate it.”

On camp travels: 

“We have a song on the bus now, I don’t know if it’s common knowledge or not, but Valerie has become the song of the bus. Zelem has been a really good DJ. We’ve got a little crew at the back of the bus, Millie, Rachel, and Georgia. The vibes are great!”

On giving advice to her younger self:

“The advice I would give would be not to get too high on the highs and too low on the lows and understand that it’s not going to always be straight forward. I’ve had to learn it; I went through a stage where football was everything to me. You have to develop other things around the injuries and setbacks to get through the lows.”

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