Having an eventful season, Ellie Burrows has been called up by Wales U-17s and her Newport-based Villa Dino U-16s side is top of their South Wales League table and have been runners-up in two finals, including the FAW U-16 Cup.

1 What is your full name and age? Ellie Burrows, 16

2 What do you call your team mates on the footie field?  Just by their names, we have no nicknames

3 Who do you play for and which team do you support? Vlla Dino Girls, Manchester United

4 Are you left or right footed? Left-footed

5 What is your fave position and why? Centre-midfield, because I get the opportunity to go forward and score but also help my team defend.

6 If you could meet a player (male or female) who would it be? Lionel Messi

7 If you could play on the same team as anyone who would it be? Lionel Messi

8 What colour shirt would you MOST like to play in? Red

9 Can you describe yourself as a footballer, in three to five words? Strong, influential and team player

10 What is the funniest thing ever that happened to you in football? The referee tripping over a player while running backwards

11 Do you have any superstitions? No

12 What is your favorite pre-game or post-game music? Top 40

13 What is your favorite post-game treat? Jaffa cakes

14 Who is your biggest fan? My Granch (Grandpa)

15 Who are your heroes? My Dad and David Beckham

16 What is the MOST common thing you shout in a match? Man on!

17 What advice would you give to someone who has been called up for an international squad or camp / game for the first time? I’m only just included in the next Wales U-17 squad along with our goalkeeper Courtney Young for their camp and matches between 26-28 April.

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