We Kick – Coventrians LFC

West Midlands League Division 1 South champions in 2012-13, the side have been forced to change their name for a third time in their six-year history.

How did the club and particularly your team get started?

Started as Coundon Court in 2007 as club chairman John Cook stepped down to take over the ladies side. Success and growth saw a move to Bedworth United and we were runners up in the West Midlands Division 1 North and League Cup. But after two years at Bedworth, a new Chairman ditched the ladies side and we moved to Coventry Sphinx.

Altough Division 1 South champions in 2012-13, we have had to leave Sphinx as they do not share our forward thinking views of encouraging more women to take part in the game. We have now joined Coventrians FC and we aim to start a Development side for the season 2013/14, a junior section for girls and a community initiative to take our coaches into local schools.

Tell us some of your top nicknames and why players have them and why some maybe don’t?

Shanaldo (Shannon Middleton). .dribbles from defence, when she has the ball at her feet not many people will get it off her. Kay ‘Nasri’ Brooks. .. Floats the ball all over the pitch and with her late runs into the box smashes, them into the top corner

How did the 2012/13 season go for you?

The season went a lot better than we could of wished for after the dissapointment of losing the league last year, we’ve come back stronger and achieved the double.

Who is your captain and tell us a bit about her (nickname, background, what she’s good at and not good at)?

Sam Smyth (Smiffy) is captain, a very calm and collected central midfielder who is good with her head but not so good at penalties!

What about your coach/manager – are they serious, funny, good/bad and why?

John Cook (Cookie) is our manager and as much as we would say he is serious and strict, he is also fun and has a laugh with us. His man management is very good and he has a very good relationship with all the girls, we all know we could speak to him about anything and he’s not just our manager but also our friend.

Tell us a funny moment the team shared:

We’ve had far too many funny moments as a team just to pick one but the last away trip to Malvern was fun, as it involved ice water and sleeping people. lol

Who is the team’s jock (the fittest) and who is the joker?

Fittest… well I always thought that was me (Gemma Voce) but gonna have to say Jo Ryan. I think she could play 5 games in a row and still carry on running. Quite a few fit jokers though; myself, Kayleigh Brookes, Smiffy, Jessica Flint and Lucy Brown are probably the main ones. Lucy thinks she looks like Laura Trott, she has a point but we tell her to get on her bike!

Does the team/club have an unsung hero?

Has to be Glenn Moran.. does so much for the club and never gets much reconigtion from the girls. We like to wind him up and keep him on his toes.

Who is always first to the bar on a team/club night out?

Thats me, along with Kay and Smiffy. We show the young ones how to party.

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