SWF Launch ‘Girl’ Anthem

The anthem promotes equality for all and aims to inspire both men and women to realise the value of female empowerment, both now and in the future.

The song was performed live by Sharon at Classic Grand earlier today, accompanied by the Scotland Women’s National Squad. At the venue, the squad was taught the lyrics and performed the song on stage with Sharon. You can view some of the action via our social media channels below.

The song is partly inspired by the words of the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who said, “There should be no limit to your ambition and what you can achieve. If you are good enough and if you work hard enough – the sky is the limit – and no glass ceiling should ever stop you from achieving your dreams.”

Discussing how the song was created, Sharon, a former footballer herself, said “The song celebrates how far women in this country have come, heroism through the years, and highlights the pioneers who aim to take women to never seen before levels of achievement and leadership. It is a call out to girls to celebrate their gender and be proud of themselves irrespective of their social backgrounds. The message is to believe in yourself, you are worthy, you are enough, and you can do it.

“It is a calling card for Scottish women to support each other in our endeavours and celebrate our womanhood. Educate and empower yourself and follow your dreams. It is a calling card to men to support women and stand united with us.”

“Female footballers in this country are positive role models to young girls and women. They are dedicated athletes who play for their love of the sport and with their hearts on their sleeves. They face adversity and gender discrimination, yet they play on because of their passion for the game. What a positive message to send out to our younger generation! – fight for what you love, work hard, believe in yourself and achieve.”

Click here to listen to the new SWF anthem.

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