She Kicks Back – Deanna Cooper (Gillingham LFC)

A Southern Division player with versatility, who plays in pink, studies PE, is a fan of RVP and recommends Pepper.

1. Name: Deanna Cooper

2. Age (D.O.B): 19.  20-06-1993

3. Team: Gillingham Ladies

4. Position (and have you always played there)? Centre back, winger, centre forward (played centre mid for 7 years)

5. Team Supporter/Fave player? Arsenal fan… Robin van Persie

6. Occupation/or what you are studying? Student; studying physical education sport and exercise science at Canterbury Christchurch University.

7. Are there other footballers in your family? My brother used to play county football and my little sister plays for Gillingham Centre of Excellence and Kent county

8. Favourite game you have played in (and why)? England U-15 v Germany U-15s… (England age group debut)

9. Your best attribute as a player? Tackling

10. What are your ambitions in football? To take it as far as I can!

11. Who has been the biggest influence in or on your footballing career? My dad used to urge me to go as far as I could with something I love!!

12. What is the best thing about playing for your team? They’re an amazing bunch of girls you have fun whilst trying to get the job done… And the way in which we play our football

13. If you got to design your team’s kit, what would it look like? We play in pink, so any other colour you can find under armour for… But definitely a Nike kit

14. Do you listen to music to get you motivated, or while you train – if so, what tracks? Whatever one of the girls iPod plays.

15. Who, that plays for your team, should we know more about and why? Nicole Pepper.. Upcoming quality player!! 

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