She Kicks Back – Amelia Davies (Kingsclere LFC)

Has a Sports Development degree but now studying Animal Management, which hopefully isn’t required on the football field!

1. Name: Amelia Davis

2. Age (D.O.B): 22. 7/04/1991

3. Team: Kingsclere Ladies FC

4. Position (and have you always played there)? For Kingsclere I play at centre back, I do slightly prefer right back and right midfield but I don’t get to play there very often.

5. Team Supporter/Fave player? I support Swindon Town and my favourite player is Simon Ferry, even though he has just been released, don’t know what they were thinking!

6. Occupation/or what you are studying? I have a degree in Sports Development and am now studying Animal Management at Sparsholt College in Winchester.

7. Are there other footballers in your family? My Dad used to play for several teams when he was younger and my brother has just taken up playing again now his injures have cleared up.

8. Favourite game you have played in (and why)? I enjoy every game, especially the ones we win! I used to enjoy playing for the Southampton Academy against teams like Arsenal and Chelsea.

9. Your best attribute as a player? I am very good at reading the game, that’s probably why I keep getting played at centre back.

10. What are your ambitions in football? To keep playing for as long as possible and get Kingsclere Ladies as high up the League pyramid as possible before I retire!

11. Who has been the biggest influence in or on your footballing career? My parents have always taken me to training and games, no matter how far away, as well as setting up a girls’ team for me when I got too old to play mixed football with the boys team, so I could continue playing.

12. What is the best thing about playing for your team? There is always a good atmosphere in the changing rooms. We all get along well and have fun playing together! Even when we are losing, we pull together and don’t turn on each other like some teams we play do!

13. If you got to design your team’s kit, what would it look like? A slightly bigger kit would be nice, our socks and shirts are a bit tight. Apart from that I do not really have any complaints about our kit, even our ‘bumblebee kit’ which is what we call our away one because it is yellow and black.

14. Do you listen to music to get you motivated, or while you train – if so, what tracks? I don’t really because there isn’t anywhere to put it on but Snowy always turns up with her massive headphones on, so maybe I’ll ask her!

15. Who, that plays for your team, should we know more about and why? Gemma Scripps, Safia Whitwham, Laura Fishlock, Caroline Hughes, Lilly Howard, Amy Lambden, Debbie Randall, Rachel Snow, Penelope Hall, Sophie Al-Noah, Carly Duckett, Kelly Rutledge, Amy Lovelock, Kim Hack, Alice Hill, Rebecca Humphreys, Hannah Martin, Jessica Gundry, Nichola Marr, Elisabeth McLeod and Gemma Fionda; because they have all put in everything this season and as a squad and all of them deserve credit for what we have achieved over the last couple of years!

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