Lincoln Ladies rebranding – A fan’s view

When the news reached me that Lincoln Ladies was to be ‘rebranded’, I was shocked, saddened and angry.

I can’t claim to have been going to their games for a long time, or even have a deep knowledge of football. I started taking my daughter along last year after the Olympics but in the short space of time since, I have been watching them my daughter and I have grown quite fond of our team. 

I would never have thought of taking my daughter to a men’s game but having tried the women’s game we really enjoy it. The atmosphere is always friendly and I can afford it. It got even better when we learnt that the team were playing at Sincil Bank, as it was much easier for us to get to.

Alas, the news that ‘We’ are now going to be Notts County Ladies more than likely means that our little mother-daughter together times will be a thing of the past.

I know Nottingham isn’t far away but it means that I will have to drive there instead of a quick bus ride and what was an affordable day out is no longer that (plus it depends if my partner needs the car for work).

The worst thing at the moment is that the club aren’t saying anything. It really feels like we have just been tossed by the wayside. How on earth do I explain this to a 12 year old girl if I can’t even understand it myself?

The local paper can’t find anything out and the website basically says ‘wait and see’. I just feel so disgusted by the whole thing. I have so many questions but the main one being why? Is our support not good enough? Have we done something wrong? Why did you hide this from us? I hope that someone can help us get some answers.

A Lincoln Ladies Fan

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