We’ve gone a bit ‘international’ today. No random quiz, just two random Spot The Difference puzzles…

Hey sports fans! Happy International Women’s Day and don’t worry gents, if you’re on here you’re obviously open-minded, modern men as well as clearly a bit bored as well (if you are attempting our silly puzzles). So HAPPY FRIDAY to you too!

We have unleashed our deranged designer again, to produce two more ridiculous puzzles to waste a few minutes of your valuable time on. One snap comes from sunny Cyprus, with Kim Little in action against New Zealand on Wednesday and also one from the slightly less sunny Algarve of Sweden’s Sara Thunebro and captain Caroline Seger being honoured for amassing 100 caps for their country, before their game against China…


(Image by Lorraine Hill)


(Image: Colin Aldis)

Answers will appear here tomorrow!

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