It’s BACK! It’s FUN FRIDAY! 17/8

In an effort to chip away at your #postolympicdepression, we’ve exhumed our old Friday tradition of pretending that doing some silly stuff with a great snap is ‘FUN’!

Ok, so using a photo from the Olympics isn’t exactly going to help you forget about the Olympics but it might ease some of your pain as you wean yourself off the sporting fest, or at least it’ll give you something inane to do in your lunchbreak…


Here are the Olympic Gold Medal winners, the USA, celebrating Carli Lloyd’s opener in the final. In the second pic, there 7 changes have mysteriously appeared. Some are a lot less subtle than others! Sadly, no kitty this time around, though.

Can you spot all seven?

(Photo by: Gavin Ellis/SHEKICKS/

ANSWERS: 1. Gollum is pretending to be a snapper. 2. There are somfunny fellas spelling something in the crowd. 3. Is that artist Grace Perry dressed as a layddeeeey in the crowd?! (How cultured of us!) 4. There’s a ‘1’ missing off Rachel Beuhler’s (far left) shirt. 5. The left sleeve of Abby Wambach’s shirt is navy instead of white (centre). 6. Back in the crowd, the boy on the steps has lost the design off the front of his shirt. 7. Sneaky – the guy behind the layddeeeey has also lost the design off the front of his t-shirt.


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