FUN(KY) FRIDAY 12/4/13

This ‘amusing’ Spot the Difference using a snap from Arsenal’s thumping win over Birmingham on Tuesday, is proof positive (if it was needed) that our staff are BONKERS. (And out of date.)


Hey folks. It’s Friday, which should put a smile on your face for starters…but maybe this bit of ‘fun’ will help your grinning dimple appear too (even if just for a second). The snap is by from the final whistle after Arsenal’s FA Women’s Cup Quarter Final win on Tuesday, against Birmingham City. Tuesday night footie looks funky! Or ‘discoey’ at least…

Can you spot the differences between the two pics?


1. Disco lights and balls
2. No 7 dancing round bag
3. Extra ‘o’ in Moore shirt
4. No’ 12 missing from back of Arsenal shirt
5. Handbag on players arm
6. No. 8 missing from players shorts
7. John Travolta has sneaked into shot

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