#FUNFRIDAY: Spot the Difference (Doubler!)

Here we go again! It’s Friday and we are remembering when we used to be silly. (Oh hang on, why use the past tense?) Here’s two more from the oldies folder. One for Chelsea (from 2011), who had us biting our nails as they made it into the last 16 of the UWCL and another of Arsenal with the Conti Cup (2012), ‘cos it’s been Conti Cup week, folks!

Hopefully you will smile and find some differences (5 between each).

Can you SPOT THE FIVE DIFFERENCES? (Just for fun.)



ANSWERS: Chelsea pics: 1. Dart board. 2. Rubber ring. 3. Piglet! 4. One of the four details missing from bottom left corner of poster on wall. 5. Drinks bottle has blue rather than yellow cap.
Arsenal pics: 1. Conti Cup replaced with some DIY hardware(leave blower?). 2. Dorothy! 3. Dot missing from the ‘i’ on the backboard of the stage. 4. No 2. missing from shorts, behind Alex Scott. 5. Smiling face missing from behind Alex Scott.

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