#FUNFRIDAY: Spot the Difference

It’s happened again. It’s Friday. It keeps happening every week?! So let’s have some ‘fun’. Well, let’s divert your attention for a few minutes at least. Two more ‘eye-catching’ puzzles dredged up from the archives for you. One for Sunderland fans feeling a little down that they won’t be applying for a Tier One WSL Licence today and one for Glasgow City fans greedy for more silverware (they play Hibs at Ainslie Park in a SWPL title sowdown on Sunday, looking for their 12th title)!

Both snaps are from May 2012, the Black Cats had just beaten Leeds United to the FAWPL Cup and Glasgow had just won another thing to add to their many other things (they won every game and the treble that year).

Can you spot the 5 differences between the two pairs of images?




Sunderland: 1. Flag changed to Jubilee glag for Lizzy 2. Abby Holmes is blowing bubbles 3. Two ‘Jewson’s missing frmo stand behind 4. Becky Salicki (front) has one SUUUUPER long leg! 5. Beth Mead has lost the logo off her shorts (left).

Glasgow City: 1. Matt Lucas’ massive head 2. Rubik’s cube 3. Hook for a hand! 4. Hand missing behind trophy 5. A mast in the middle in the background.