Don’t go outside and don’t look out of the window. Close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and repeat after me…

“IT’S NOT SNOWING/RAINING/BALTIC*.” There you go. All better? Now you’ll be ready to attempt our Spot the Difference challenge:

*Delete as appropriate.


Arsenal beat Torres 3-1 in their Uefa Women’s Champions League 1/4 final home leg game on Wednesday (where it WAS ‘Baltic’). At the end of the game they had a team huddle, probably to have an immediate post-match group chat but also perhaps to try and warm each other up. Well, regardless, we have taken this nice snap (by Gavin/ and made SEVEN changes to it.

Can you spot the 7 differences between the two images?


1. They’re warming themselves around the fire – well wouldn’t you have?!
2. I think it’s Christopher Lee in the crowd, Wicker Man-esque?
3. Someone has put a warm woolly hat on.
4. Steph Houghton has ‘lost her bottle’.
5. Emma Byrne has grown a longer left arm?!
6. Ellen White’s black sock has been pulled up (tricky eh?).
7. Someone with grey hair, behind the huddle, has had his head removed. 

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