Bit of March Madness for you. (Is it really March already?! :O ) Some spotty differences and some rubbishy ‘WHO IS IT?’s…


The tickets for England’s exciting friendly against Canada at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium went on sale this week. Here are Jilly Scott and Sophie Bradley promoting that very fact. We took this nice snap and meddled with it. Buy tickets ONLINE here.
Our home nations sides are all also in international ‘friendly’ tournament action over the next two weeks. Scotland had a merry band of vociferous support in Cyprus last year. Here’s a photo of them with some amends/additions.

Can you spot the 5 differences between each?



Yep, using my highly polished and hugely technical skills in MS Paint, I have poured over these images for literally seconds to bring you this ‘WHO IS IT?’ quiz. Their faces are obscured/smudged or simply not on the pic. BUT WHO ARE THEY?



Spot the Diff: 1. There’s Bilbo Baggins; She Kicks Magazine!; Ronnie Corbett?!; Red seats missing to left in backgroun; The f in RUFC is missing its bottom bit. 2. Is that a goat or a hseep in the stand?; someone had a heavy night and is dozing off; a bag has appeared on the seats in front of the crowd; there’s an extra hat appeared; a black mark missing from the second seat in from the left, four rows back – took me ages to spot it!

FACE OFF: Karen Carney; Carly Telford; Laura Del Rio; Danielle Carter; Rachel Yankey’s magic boots. 😀

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