#FAWSL & #FAWC Transfer Watch – Summer 2019

Check the full list of player moves in the FAWSL, FAWC & beyond...

Ellen White holding Man City shirt
Ellen White joined Manchester City on a two year deal.

Here’s where to keep up to date with all the moves in the women’s football news, particularly among the FA WSL and FA Women’s Championship sides, with deadline day set for 5 September.

LATEST NEWS: Striker Kit Graham joins Spurs, Norway defender Cecilie Kvamme moves to West Ham and Esme Morgan goes to Everton on loan from Manchester City, who let young goalkeeper Fran Stenson leave for Arsenal.

West Ham Women welcome Norwegian international defender

Player – Old Club – New Club (in alphabetical order)

Surnames ‘A to G’

Iris Achterhof – Old Dominion University to Durham
Aja Aguirre – Aston Villa to Nottingham Forest
Megan Alexander – Yeovil Town to London Bees
Becky Anderson – unattached to Coventry United
Jordan Atkins0n – Sunderland to Durham
Rosie Axten – Leicester City WFC to Coventry United
Rosella Ayane – Bristol City to Tottenham Hotspur
Jade Bailey – Chelsea to Liverpool
Paige Bailey-Gayle – Arsenal to Leicester City Women
Bianca Baptiste – Tottenham Hotspur to Crystal Palace
Jodie Bartle – Loughborough Foxes to Coventry United
Emma Batty – Doncaster Rovers Belles to Sheffield United
Katharina Baunach – Wolfsburg to West Ham United
Jennifer Beattie – Manchester City to Arsenal
Megan Bell – Linfield to Durham
Maxine Bennink – PEC Zwolle to Reading
Annabel Blanchard – Liverpool to Leicester City WFC
Dominique Bloodworth – Arsenal to Wolfsburg
Billie Brooks – unattached to London Bees
Courtney Brosnan – Le Havre to West Ham United
Riva Casley – Millwall Lionesses to Charlton Athletic
Lia Cataldo – Millwall Lionesses to Leicester City WFC
Maeva Clemaron – FC Fleury 91 to Everton
Rhian Cleverly – Le Havre to Lewes
Laura Coombs – Liverpool to Manchester City
Hayley Crackle – Aston Villa to Coventry United
Kenza Dali – Dijon to West Ham United
Yana Daniels – Liverpool to Bristol City
Gemma Davison – Reading to Tottenham Hotspur
Charlie Devlin – Manchester United to Charlton Athletic
Emily Donovan – Yeovil Town to Lewes
Toni Duggan – Barcelona to Atletico Madrid
Mary Earps – Wolfsburg to Manchester United
Amalie Eikeland – IL Sandviken to Reading
Claire Emslie – Manchester City to Orlando Pride
Georgia Evans – Yeovil Town to Charlton Athleitc
Aimee Everett – Liverpool to Leicester City WFC
Marissa Ewers – Birmingham City to Aston Villa
Olivia Fergusson – Yeovil Town to Sheffield United
Matilde Fidalgo – SC Braga to Manchester City
Becky Flaherty – Everton to Sheffield United
Emma Follis – Birmingham City to Aston Villa
Ella Franklin-Fraiture – Leicester City WFC to Aston Villa
Jacynta Galabadaarachchi – Perth Glory to West Ham United
Lee Geum-min  Gyeongju KHNP to Manchester City
Emma Gibbon – Tottenham Hotspur to Crystal Palace
Georgie Giddings – Millwall Lionesses to London Bees
Lucy Gillett – Brighton & Hove Albion to Crystal Palace
Amy Goddard – Yeovil Town to Crystal Palace
Ashleigh Goddard – Appollon to Crystal Palace
Hannah Godfrey – Pensacola to Tottenham Hotspur
Jaime Gotch – Reading Academy to Charlton Athletic
Kit Graham – Charlton Athletic to tottenha Hotspur
Lucy Graham – Bristol City to Everton
Abbi Grant – Anderlecht to Birmingham City
Charlotte Greengrass – Leicester City WFC to Aston Villa
Alex Greenwood – Manchester United to Lyon
Alice Griffiths – Cardiff Met to Charlton Athletic
Jackie Groenen – 1. FFC Frankfurt to Manchester United

Dutch midfielder Jackie Groenen transfers to Manchester United
Jackie Groenen celebrates scoring the winner in the FIFA Women s World Cup semi-final. (PA Images)

Surnames ‘H to N’

Natalie Haigh – Coventry United to Aston Villa
Naomi Hartley – Manchester United to Sheffield United
Caitlin Hayes – Barcelona FA to Lewes
Shania Hayles – Birmingham City to Aston Villa
Renee Hector – Tottenham Hotspur to Charlton Athletic
Lois Heuchan – Le Havre to Charlton Athletic
Rebecca Holloway – Nashville Rhythm to Birmingham City
Bonnie Horwood – Yeovil Town to London Bees
Marie Hourihan – Brighton & Hove Albion to SC Braga
Angharad James – Everton to Reading
Becky Jane – Reading to Liverpool
Ali Johnson – Bristol City to Sheffield United
Melissa Johnson – Leicester City WFC to Aston Villa
Sian Johnson – Leicester City WFC to Coventry United
Emily Jones – Everton to Lewes
Emma Jones – Cardiff City LFC to Lewes
Adrienne Jordan – Atlanta to Birmingham City
Danique Kerkdijk – Bristol City to Brighton & Hove Albion
Cherelle Khassal – Chichester City to Crystal Palace
Tinja-Riikka Korpela – Valerenga to Everton
Ava Kuyken – Arsenal to Florida Gators
Cecilie Redisch Kvamme – Sandviken to West Ham United
Hayley Ladd – Birmingham City to Manchester United
Réa Laudat – Tottenham Hotspur to Crystal Palace
Melissa Lawley – Manchester City to Liverpool
Ellie Leek – Le Havre to Charlton Athletic
Lea Le Garrec – Guingamp to Brighton & Hove Albion
Kristine Bjørdal Leine – Røa to Reading
Hedvig Lindahl – Chelsea to Wolfsburg
Leandra Little – Liverpool to Sheffield United
Rhema Lord-Mears – Anderlecht to Blackburn Rovers
Abbie McManus – Manchester City to Manchester United
Leonie Maier – Bayern Munich to Arsenal
Holly Manders – Middlesbrough to Durham
Aoife Mannion – Birmingham City to Manchester City
Ellie Mason – Yeovil Town to London City Lionesses
Jasmine Matthews – Liverpool to Bristol City
Keri Matthews – York City RTC to Sheffield United
Katy Morris – Chorley to Coventry United
Magda Mosengo – Carson Newman College to Crystal Palace
Ellie Noble – Oxford United to Lewes
Anneka Nuttall – London Bees to Leicester City WFC

Nikita Parris transfers from Manchester City to Lyon
Nikita Parris joins former Man City teammate Lucy Bronze at Lyon. (Photo: Jed Leicester for The FA)

Surnames P to Z

Nikita Parris – Manchester City to Lyon
Lachante Paul – Arsenal to Leicester City WFC
Chloe Peplow – Brighton & Hove Albion to Tottenham Hotspur
Ria Percival – West Ham United to Tottenham Hotspur
Maddie Phillips – Chelsea Academy to Charlton Athletic
Molly Pike – Chelsea to Everton
Ella Powell – Georgia State University to Lewes
Lucy Quinn – Birmingham City to Tottenham Hotspur
Guro Reiten – Lillestrom SK to Chelsea
Grace Riglar – Bristol City to Leicester City WFC
Ali Riley – Chelsea to Bayern Munich
Georgia Roberts – Lewes to London Bees
Jill Roord – Bayern Munich to Arsenal
Jane Ross – West Ham United to Manchester United
Leeta Rutherford – Lewes to Crystal Palace
Ebony Salmon – Manchester United to Bristol City
Meaghan Sargent – Birmingham City to Bristol City
Filippa Savva – Liverpool Feds to Lewes
Molly Sharpe – Barry University to Durham
Hannah Short – Yeovil Town to London City Lionesses
Matilde Skovsen – VSK Aarhus to Brighton & Hove Albion
Erin Smith – Leafield Athletic to Coventry United
Becky Spencer – West Ham United to Tottenham Hotspur
Fran Stenson – Manchester City to Arsenal
Emily Syme – Yeovil Town to Aston Villa
Lauren Thomas – Liverpool to Blackburn Rovers
Martha Thomas – Le Havre to West Ham United
Annie Timoney – Marine Academy Plymouth to Lewes
Tyler Toland – Sion Swifts to Manchester City
Vita van der Linden – Ajax to Bristol City
Kika van Es – Ajax to Everton
Sari van Veenendaal – Arsenal to Athletico Madrid
Laura Vetterlein – SC Sand to West Ham United
Ryah Vyse – Tottenham Hotspur to Watford
Claudia Walker – Everton to Birmingham City
Megan Walsh – Yeovil Town to Brighton & Hove Albion
Courtnay Ward-Chambers – Queens Park Rangers to London Bees
Charlie Wellings – Birmingham City to Bristol City
Hayley West – Charlton Athletic to London Bees
Nikita Whinnett = Crystal Palace to London Bees)
Lucy Whipp – St John’s University to Birmingham City
Ellen White – Birmingham City to Manchester City
Katie Wilkinson – London Bees to Sheffield United
Poppy Wilson – Bristol City to London City Lionesses
Siri Worm – Everton to Tottenham Hotspur
Manuela Zinsberger – Bayern Munich to Arsenal

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