FAN CHAT: Meet Alice Nama

The top teams and players we love to watch give us so much joy and inspiration. And their fans are fun, interesting and have their own stories too. So, let’s meet some! 
My interest in women’s football started in 2021 when I watched a little bit of the men’s EURO final. We then saw that there was a women’s match for the EURO on 17th July  2022 in Brighton and we booked it, mainly for the experience. It was Austria vs Norway and I really enjoyed it, we then found out there were England matches and decided to watch them too. I was glued to it and started learning the players instantly, the first England match I watched I knew I was going to enjoy it.

I was quite fast at learning the players, I was luckily able to watch a few England matches during the EURO so that helped. But what helped more was after we won, I was doing lots of searching to learn about the players , who they were and things like that. Which also helped on choosing the club I wanted to support, which wasn’t as easy. I had a choice of Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham. I looked through each club, looking at who was at the top of the WSL table, what players played for them. I knew I didn’t want to support West Ham as they did stick out to me, I was thinking about Man United but changed my mind shortly after. I then looked at Man City, I made a choice to support them and did, but once I realised they weren’t the right team for me I changed my mind. I then went on the Chelsea, I told myself they were the club I wanna support, and also because my friend supports the men’s Chelsea team. I supported Chelsea for a couple weeks until I realised Arsenal is better, I’m not sure what it was but something about Arsenal told me I wanted to support them. It may have been the players, or their score sheet, or where they were on the table but either way, Arsenal is who I support.
Alice with one of her faves, Lotte Wubben-Moy
18th August 2022 I wanted to make a football fanpage, to show my love for the game and the players. I called it ENGLANDXLIONESSESX (now h34rtsforlotte). The first few videos were random photos of players old and recent. Shockingly, the first few videos got 1k likes so I kept doing them. I started realising I could go into editing and so I did. Making a fanpage was a great idea. I’ve learnt knew editing skills but also learnt more about the game. Since there’s so many fanpages doing the same thing, it helps. I then decided on making an instagram account. Tagging players in some of my stories, and then getting noticed by them. Which still excites me everytime.
In the future I see a lot of change, since England won the EURO there’s already been a lot of progression in the last year and they have been recognised for their talent. I hope for the future, more people realise that women can play football and it’s not just a men’s sport, sadly there’s still idiotic people who think women can’t play and men are better. But I hope those people realise women are amazing at playing.
Alice and Niamh Charles

SK: Who have you enjoyed watching the most for England in the group stage games and why?

AN: The player that I’ve enjoyed watching the most in England during the group stage games has to be Lauren James. She has so much potential, she’s amazing on the ball with her technique and keeping it in her possession and not loosing it to the other team. She’s scored amazing goals and I think in a few years she will become the best player in the world.

SK: What’s your favourite socials content that the Lionesses accounts have shared and why?

AN: It is  definitely their funny videos, their challenges that they do on TikTok and YouTube. Every video always makes me laugh, as they some how in every single video find a way to make their fans happy, I love that. My favourite video that they’ve done is the headphone challenge where one of them can’t hear and have to try to find out what the other is saying.

SK: Who are your ‘second team’ at this tournament and why? 

AN: If the Lionesses aren’t to lift the World Cup trophy, my ‘second team’ would have been Canada, sadly they got knocked out by Australia. I wanted to support Canada because one of my family members is Canadian. I do feel quite bad for the players but they all did the best that they could. Even if England aren’t to get to the final, I’m going to carry on watching the games. No matter the outcome for England, I’ll still support them no matter what.

SK: Oh and how did you find out about She Kicks? 

AN: My aunt gave me a subscription to the magazines as a Christmas present, which helped me find out about She Kicks. I had already had some knowledge of SheKicks but getting the magazines has taught me loads.

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