Born Kicking – Rachel Newborough/ Reading FC Res/U-17s

It’s all the Rs for right-footed Rachel, who is a Royal that loves playing right back, she also enjoys reggae, roasts and watching (oh dear) R-senal.

1. What is your full name and age? Rachel Newborough, 16

2. What do your team mates call you on the footie field? ‘Rach’

3. Who do you play for and which team do you support? I play for Reading FC Reserves and U-17s. I’ve played for the club since the age of 11 and love them. However I support Arsenal; the first thing I ever wore was an Arsenal baby grow and I go to the games every week with my dad.

4. Are you left or right footed? I’m right footed.

5. What is your fave position and why? My favorite position is right back. To me its the best position on the pitch because no matter what type of game you are in, you are involved in defending or supporting on the wing in attack. Also, there is no better position to get an opportunity to make a dramatic slide tackle!

6. If you could meet a player (male or female) who would it be? Female: Rachel Yankey because shes got a great name, and she’s the kind of player I aspire to be on and off the pitch. Male: David Beckham, and in all honesty not for his footballing talent.

7. If you could play on the same team as anyone who would it be? Jack Wilshere because you can always tell winning and representing is team means everything to him and playing alongside him, I think as a player, would bring the best out of you. And he is one of the few players who wouldn’t make me look like a dwarf… always a plus.

8.. What colour shirt would you most like to play in? Sky blue.

9. Can you describe yourself as a footballer, in three to five words? Determined, loyal, committed and expressive

10. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you in football? In a match a couple of months ago an old women was singing some kind of opera to herself really loudly and then started walking through the middle of the pitch with a cheeky grin. Then walked off like nothing happened. Absolute legend.

11. Do you have you any superstitions? I always have to clean my boots before a game no matter what, otherwise I think I wont be able to play properly. I also always tuck in my shirt before a game otherwise I don’t feel prepared.

12. What is your favourite pre-match or post-match music? Pre-match I always like to chill out with a little bit of reggae, usually a bit of Bob, and just before the match DMX, Pro Green, or The Arctic Monkeys to pump me up. Then after a game, I like to listen to a bit of Drake and Chris Brown to relax.

13. What is your favourite post match treat? If its a Sunday, I always love a big roast, but usually a bowl of leek and potato soup and white bread does me nicely.

14. Who is your biggest fan? Mostly my dad, he always encourages me and is so dedicated to help me achieve what I want from football. But my biggest fan has got to be my older brother, he’s the person who taught me how to play and even now he’ll never admit it but I know he’s proud of what I have achieved.

15. Who are your heroes? My mum, and Thomas Vermaelen.

16. What is the most common thing you shout in a match? ‘Let’s go, ‘get-up’.

17. What advice would you give to someone who has been called up into an international squad for a camp/game for the first time? To not get too caught up with the idea but stay relaxed and focused to make sure you’re fully prepared with fitness and mind set, so that you can show what your about and when you get the opportunity to play, you take it no matter how it comes. 

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