BORN KICKING: Natasha Jay Webster (Blackpool FC U-14 Girls)

A midfield dynamo who is chasing honours on several fronts and has been known to let one or two things ‘out of the bag’.

1 What is your full name and age? Natasha Jay Webster, aged 14

2 What do you call your teammates on the footie field? We don’t have nicknames yet, so we just use first names

3 Who do you play for and which team do you support? Blackpool U-14 Girls, I support Blackpool for a local team and Manchester City as a Premiership team.

4 Are you left or right footed? Right footed but I am comfortable using both

5 What is your fave position and why? Any midfield position, as I get action at both ends of the pitch. I am also a secret goalie and play in goals for my school under 15s team, but don’t tell my coach!

6 If you could meet a player (male or female) who would it be? Joe Hart, as I really am a goalie, it’s a shame I am so short!

7 If you could play on the same team as anyone who would it be? Joe Hart, as when I watched him on TV when I was younger, he inspired me to be a football player.

8 What colour shirt would you MOST like to play in? Green as its my lucky colour

9 Can you describe yourself as a footballer, in three to five words? Keen, fast, supportive, team player

10 What is the funniest thing ever that happened to you in football? My football bag was on the field during a match, when I got home a field mouse jumped out of it!

11 Do you have any superstitions? No, not really

12 What is your favourite pre-game or post-game music? Up beat remixes to get my adrenalin going. After the match I just like to be quite and think about how the game went

13 What is your favourite post-game treat? Strawberries and lots of them!

14 Who is your biggest fan? My parents

15 Who are your heroes? My coach and my team-mates

16 What is the MOST common thing you shout in a match? Pass the ball!!!!!!

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