Barnsley Women put forward Three-Point Plan to save the season

Barnsley propose three-point plan
Photo: Julian Barker

Barnsley Women’s FC, one of many to sign a joint letter to the FA, last night put forward a three-point plan aimed at saving the season for hundreds of football clubs.

Club chairman, Paul Thompson, said: “Thorough consideration must be given to the impact of voiding a season and expunging the results, taking into account what the affected clubs are saying.

“Our Three Point Plan is a fair and equitable plan that can be applied consistently across the whole of the Football Pyramid, where leagues are unable to complete the 2019/20 season.”

Point One – League Tables

If the season cannot be completed, record all unplayed fixtures as 0-0 draws, leaving final tables in the same order as using a points per game system.

Point Two – Promotion

Promotion should then take place in the normal manner, based on the league tables established in Point One.

Point Three – Relegation

No relegation should take place. If there is promotion but no relegation, most leagues will remain the same size.

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