Alex Scott/ Team GB

Team GB’s Alex Scott relates some of her best memories from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

What, you of the host of amazing experiences to last a lifetime, were your top one or two moments?

I think the best moment has to be the whole playing at Wembley experience. The 70,000 in the crowd, it’s the loudest I have ever heard the national athem sung and that gave me goosebumps. Then to top it all off. I was going on to beat a very good Brazil team and not by luck either but by the quality football we played. That is defo a moment never to forget. Amazing!
I think my next best experience in the Olympics away from the football field has to be getting the chance to be in the Olympic Stadium and watch Usain Bolt run the 100m final. The atmosphere in there was electric. But it was one of those blink and you will miss it moments.

Any random, funny, Team GB related tales you can tell all?

There was so many funny moments and tales to be told but I think the one that sticks out for me was Eni [Aluko] trying to be cool and slick around Ryan Giggs. She asked him if on his return to his club after the Olympics, he would he be playing in the Charity Shield. Giggs answer to Eni: “My team are not actually in it!” It was defo a hand over face moment. But we did laugh after. That is so Eni. We were not surprised.

I know everyone has been asking about legacy, over and over, so if you have any thoughts you want sharing then please speak here.

I just think these games showed that there is a place and a market for women’s football and the public are now gernrally interested. It’s now time to push the women’s game on through marketing it right and through the media and continue to bring it to people’s attention. 

Who impressed you the most at the Games? (A person, a team, a footballer, maybe not a footballer)

I think I would have to say Jess Eniss. Just with how much pressure was put on her and being that poster girl of the games, to still be able to execute the performance she did was truly amazing and aspiring. To see how she conducts herself, she is just so professional in everything she does. I do not think anyone will forget the ‘Super Saturday’ of London2012 anytime soon!!

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