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Posted 16th February 2017, 06:28 in
Youth Cups

Millfield Crowdfunding For 'Life-changing' Trip

£3,000 is needed to send Millfield Girls' Primary School team to the Donosti Cup competition in Spain.

Millfield Primary School is trying to raise funds to send their girls football team to play in the Donosti Cup in San Sebastian this July.

The school believe that it is such a fantastic opportunity for their girls football side, that they have set up a crowdfunding page to support the trip.

Will Stacey teaches at Millfield - one of the smallest schools in Walsall - and gives us some background on the very enthusiastic, determined and adventurous side.

'Four years ago I started training an enthusiastic team of Year 1/2 girls who wanted to play football but had little to no understanding of how to play. These 5 year old girls had very few opportunities or access to professional training, with only one even playing football outside of school. Despite the barriers to their learning, these girls trained and worked and within 2 years had become the best Year 3/4 team within Walsall, regularly beating larger schools with professionally trained players. This was achieved through additional training at lunchtimes, extra fitness sessions and early morning swimming at 7.30am before school. All of this was instigated by the girls themselves.

'Last year they narrowly finished as league runners up on a penalty shoot out, despite being 2 years younger than the opposition. This year, they are the youngest and smallest team in the league and yet are sitting atop Division 1 with a 100% record and conceding only 3 goals. All of this has been achieved through hard work alone.

'This year, we have been given the chance to participate in the Donosti Cup - The biggest footballing competition in Spain, where they will get the opportunity to compete against the best teams from across the world. For a small primary school in an economically and socially deprived area of Walsall, this opportunity could literally change the lives of 8 girls who are a living embodiment of the ideals that if you want something in life, you have to work for it.

'Many of these girls have never been outside of the town where they were born but this opportunity could not only widen their horizons but literally change their lives. The trip in total with flights and accommodation will cost £6,000 but when we discussed this funding, they said that they only wanted to ask for donations up to half of the amount needed as they wanted to earn the rest themselves.'

To make a donation, please click on the link below.

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