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Posted 25th January 2017, 16:21 in
Youth Cups

Zoe Tynan Tournament

There's to be a Girls' U-10 & U-12 tournament on 20th May, in memory of former Everton, Liverpool Feds and Man City player Zoe Tynan.

Zoe Tynan 20/5/98 - 30/8/16

Liverpool Feds pay tribute to Zoe Tynan.

Zoe joined Liverpool Feds at 6 years old and it was soon obvious how committed Zoe was to her football. Zoe asked technical and tactical questions beyond her years and was dedicated to improve herself and her team.

We loved many side-line stories shared by parents Alison and Carl about Zoe’s ambition and dedication. She signed her name Zoe Zidane, much to her teacher’s confusion…was that her middle name? She would sleepwalk in her shin pads, Saturday morning games couldn’t come too soon. When a wet and windy Heron Eccles was called off, coaches and parents…and Beth… may have been happy for a morning indoors, but for Zoe it would be a huge disappointment.

She also juggled her athletics with football….often going off to a race a bit muddy after a match.

Zoe was keen and committed to her football and was often puzzled by some teammate’s preparation for matches. At one tournament she was quite taken aback that some of her team were strolling up for the final with half eaten Mr Whippys..! In her mind maybe ice cream vans and burger vans should be banned from footie tournaments.

Zoe went to Everton Centre of Excellence with our blessing, as we recognised what a talent she was and knew that she need to be at the next level of girls’ football to be recognised. It was such a thrill for our club that Zoe had recognition at England level and then went onto play in the WSL with Everton and Man City.

Zoe and her family never forgot her football roots with the Feds and she came back (with sister Beth) to help coach with our junior teams. Their help and insight and coaching of our younger players is a matter of pride for our club.

We dedicate this tournament to Zoe as today it is her 19th birthday..

We thank Alison, Carl and Beth for their support on another tough day for them.

We thank Anna Farrell at the County FA, Mo Marley, the U-19 squad, Everton Ladies and of course Liverpool Feds players and staff for making this very special tournament happen  

The Zoe Tynan Tournament will be held on Saturday 20th May 201 at Walton Hall Avenue, Liverpool L4. For an entry form, please email

Entry is £35 per team and payable by March 1st 2017.

Each team will have 3 games in a league of 4 and then compete for either the Cup or Plate in a further 3 league games, before a semi-final and final for the top teams. 

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