Vauxhall’s Videos Surprises For England And Scotland

To celebrate the summer of football, Vauxhall Motors surprises a number of England and Scotland internationals with their own personalised chants, in heart-warming hidden camera videos.

In a candid film, Lionesses Millie Bright, Toni Duggan and Izzy Christiansen arrive at Wembley Stadium for what they think is a meeting, completely unaware of what awaits. As the players take their seats, a large TV screen grabs their attention with the simple message: ‘Every great player deserves a chant…. here are yours’.

The video cuts back to a shot of the players, their shocked but smiling faces are laid bare as each indidivual football chant is revealed.

Shots of school children belting out lines are cut with clips of friends and family fist pumping the air as they deliver each word.

Highlights include; Toni Duggan’s beaming smile as she realises everyone’s been in on the act; Izzy Christiansen overcome as she watches her Dad proudly roaring every lyric and Millie Bright’s chant proving so catchy that even Izzy joins in half way through.

Lioness Izzy Christiansen commented: “It was such a surprise to see my parents, aunties, uncles and cousins filmed right under my nose at Wembley Stadium – they managed to keep that one quiet! The chants are great, it’s so exciting when you hear your name on the pitch and can really change the atmosphere, so I’m hoping we get to hear them when the games begin.”

Scotland’s Erin Cuthbert, Frankie Brown and Christie Murray were similarly caught out when arriving at the national performance centre for sport in Orlam.

The film captures such moments as Frankie overcome with emotion at her Dad’s well done message, Erin crying with happiness as her Dad tells her how proud he is of her and to ‘believe in her dream’ and Christie’s beaming smile as she watches her little cousins sing the chant together.

Midfielder Erin Cuthbert commented: “It was such a surprise to see my family, friends and even an old school teacher filmed right under my nose in Irvine and so lovely hearing the good luck messages – they all managed to keep that very quiet! I love all the chants and really hope everyone gets behind us when the games begin.”

The chants have been created as part of Vauxhall Motors’ sponsorship of the UK’s national football teams. They were recorded for fans to listen to and include a chant for every single player on the England and Scotland teams.

As official sponsor of the national teams, Vauxhall Motors launched #GetIN to help fans to show support for their teams, celebrate the spirit of football and give fans one off experiences and real #GetIN moments.

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