WOMEN’S SOCCER A Guide to Coaching and Training



WOMEN’S SOCCER A Guide to Coaching and Training by JANE HASLAM. This authoratitive book covers the following and much more: How the game is played by women and the attributes of the female player; The technical foundations such as ball mastery, passing, running and dribbling, heading, shooting and finishing; The principles of defence and attack; Goalkeeping, including footwork and movement, shot stopping, saving the ball, distribution and dealing with crosses and high balls; How the game should be taught and how the coaching environment can be adjusted to fit the needs of the female player; The strategies and tactics that best suit female players; Physical fitness, medical issues, nutrition and the mental game. We wouldn’t be recommending/selling this book if we didn’t think it was top notch and have faith in its author. JANE HASLAM’s football CV is an impressive one, including spells at Chesterfield FC Boys/Girls Centres of Excellence and Head Coach at The FA’s National Player Development Centre & U-17 Women’s Squad, plus scouting for The FA and as technical analyst for FIFA. RRP £12.99 (plus 50pm postage & packing).